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Presence studies

International Society for Presence Research

International Presence Workshop


Presence (MIT Press Journals)



Compendium of Presence Measures (updated 2004)

Appendix A. Questionnaire items

Appendix B. Measurement tools and resources


EU FP5 IST Presence Research Proactive initiative

STREPS (1998-2002)

Vepsy Project



BENOGO: Being There - Without Going

EMMA Engaging Media for Mental Health Applications

I-Learning - Imagery Enhanced Learning

MEC ľ Presence: Measurement, Effects, Conditions

OMNIPRES - Omnibus Presence Technology Assessment and Measurement Groups

PeLoTe - Building Presence through Localization for Hybrid Telematic Systems

POEMS - Perceptually Oriented Ego-Motion Simulation

PRESENCIA - Presence: Research Encompassing Sensory Enhancement, Neuroscience and Cognition, with Interactive Applications  

TDIS - Three-Dimensional Imaging System based on integral photography for precise simulation of 3d perception and enhancement of the telepresence effect

 Touch-Hapsys - Towards a Touching Presence: High-Definition Haptic


EU FP6 IST Presence Research Proactive Initiative Presence and Interaction in Mixed-Reality Environments (Presence II)

 FET Projects (2002-2006)



PASION: Phychologically Augmented Social Interaction Over Networks




Matthew Lombard (President ISPR), Department of Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media, Temple University, USA on-line papers:,

Frank Biocca, ISPR , Media Interface and Network Design Lab (M.I.N.D. Lab), Michigan State University

Zena Biocca, ISPR, Media Interface and Network Design Lab (M.I.N.D. Lab), Telecommunications Department, Michigan State University, USA

Cheryl Campanella Bracken, ISPR, Department of Communication, Cleveland State University, USA

Jonathan Freeman, ISPR, Department of Psychology, Goldsmiths College, University of London, England

Feliz Ribeiro Gouveia, ISPR, Media Interface and Network Design Lab (M.I.N.D. Lab), University Fernando Pessoa, Portugal

Wijnand IJsselsteijn, ISPR, Media Interface and Network Design Lab (M.I.N.D. Lab), Human-Technology Interaction Group, Department of Technology Management, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

Rita Lauria, ISPR, Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, North Carolina A & T State University, USA

Timo Saari, ISPR, Media Interface and Network Design Lab (M.I.N.D. Lab), Center for Knowledge and Innovation Research, Helsinki School of Economics, Finland

Mel Slater, ISPR, Department of Computer Science, University College London, England 

Giuseppe Riva

Giuseppe Mantovani



Advanced Interface Research Centre, University of Portsmouth, UK


Augmented reality



Virtual drama

Oz project


Second Life


Second Life: Your World. Your Imagination.
Second Life | What is Second Life?

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