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Amazing Art

Escher Art Collection
Progressive Art Media - Rob Gonsalves Page
The Art of Bev Doolittle
István Orosz, Anamorphosis and Graphic Design
Sandro Del Prete

Perceptual Illusions

Fraser, James A new visual illusion of direction

Shimojo Psychophysics laboratory

Psychology Department, University of Essex

Illusions Gallery, University of Massachussetts

Visual illusions, Langara College, Vancouver

Psychology: Iillusions and sensory phenomena


cross-modal illusions & perception

Cross-modal Research Laboratory (Charles Spence)

Nicholas P. Holmes


Illusion of reality


Wikipedia: hoax

Tansparency now

Museum of hoaxes

Hoax in journalism

List of hoaxes


Famous hoaxes

The war of the worlds

Alternative 3

Flemish secession


Journalism ethics

Ethics in the professions at Illinois Institute of Technology: codes of ethics on-line bibliography 

Ethics web

Associated Press Managing editors

American Society of Newspapers editors: codes of ethics of newspapers, TV, radio, photographs

European codes of journalism ethics

Journal of Mass Media ethics

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