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Selection de sites liés au cinéma (Université Paris III)

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Authors & Movements

Jacques Tati Le site officiel de Jacques Tati, Les films de mon oncle, Tativille, Monsieur Hulot, Tatischeff.
Monty Python Monty Python unofficial web site

Enst Lubitsch The cinema of Ernst Lubitsch

Billy Wilder

Réné Clair

Marx Brothers

Jacques Tourneur

Jack Arnold

Robert Bresson

Orson Welles

Alfred Hitchcock

Dogma 95


Film Festivals - Banca Dati del Cinema Mondiale


Cinémathèque Française

Torino Film Festival

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Mostra del Cinema di Venezia


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Emanuel Levy

Roger Ebert


Joseph D. Anderson Home Page

David Bordwell Home Page

Gregory Currie Home Page

Jeremy E. Cutting Home Page

Cynthia Freeland Home Page

Julian Hochberg Home Page

Per Persson Home Page

Colin Radford at Kent University

Murray Smith Home Page


Cinema Philosophy

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The Paradox of Fiction


Cinema history
Cinema e Locandine-Gallerie-1940-1959

Modern Mechanix. TV and Movies

A history of horror


CInema genres
Science Fiction - Horror
Guida al cinema di fantascienza
Mars et le Cinema SFde 1903 à 1959

Movies featuring UFO Themes

Mostri al cinema   

The Vincent Price Film Site

A Vincent Price Tribute


Noir - Thriller - Giallo


Giallo al cinema


Animation - Cartoons

Cartoon research

Big cartoon database


Warner Bros. cartoons


Warner Bros.



Cartoon physics

Wikipedia: cartoon physics

The cartoon laws of physics

The laws of cartoon motion 


Cinema  verità

Dogma Films

Straub & Huillet

Dziga Vertov : Kinopravda

Neorealismo : Il neorealismo italiano Il neorealismo, RAI

Cinéma vérité - cinéma du réel : Cinéma vérité wikipedia

Free cinema - direct cinema: Direct cinema wikipedia

2001: A space odissey

The Blair Witch project

Capricorn one


TV  series

Serie televisiva. Wikipedia

Serie TV

my-tv what's new on tv - Spettacolo

Serie TV di fantascienza. Wikipedia

Spazio 1999

Space 1999 Online Welcome 

Moonbase 99 il primo club italiano estimatori Gerry Anderson e della fantascienza televisiva degli anni 60, 70 e 80.

The Twilight zone

The invaders

Doctor Who


Hitchcock Presents. Wikipedia

Hitchcock presents. Universal

Ellery Queen

Ellery Queen - The TV Series Companion


Cinema and sound


Sound film. Wikipedia

Sound design. Wikipedia

Sound editor. Wikipedia

Sound effect. Wikipedia


Sound School 

Motion Picture Sound Editors

Cinema Audio Society

New England Film


Arnte’s sound site

THX reproduction system


Site personnel de Pierre-Antoine Coutant, Chef-opérateur du son cinéma


Discussion lists:

Sound Article List 



On-line Journals:

Mix online



Library of Congress. Edison  


The Wilhelm Scream

Silent Movies



The film music society


Sound effects: 

The practical art of motion picture sound

The art of Foley

Sound Ideas

David Godhand’s Art of Foley   

Epic sound


skywalker sound

sound one 


Movie sounds on the net

Sound America

Movie sounds central

Movie sounds data base

Movie sounds clip

Find sounds

Sound hunter

Sound effects

Shockwave sound

Free Sound effects

A1 free sound effects

Absolute sound effects archive


PacDv Free sound effects




Cartoon sounds at stonewashed

Cartoon sounds at Moviewavs

Looney Toones sound effects

Looney Toones & Merry Melodies sounds




Modern Times - La vie d'un honnête homme - The conversation -

La terra trema




Silent movies: Steamboat Bill Jr.

Musical: Top hat

Special use of sounds: The birds - Mon Oncle - Les vacances de M. Hulot - Playtime - Le Million -

Other sounds: Looney Toones & Merry Melodies - Three Stooges - Unsere Afrikareise - Mosaik im Vertrauen



Psycho - Jaws - Silly Symphonies - Per qualche dollaro in più - On connaît la chanson

Zatoichi - Dancer in the dark



The jazz singer - King Kong - Apocalypse now - American Graffiti - Star Wars - Nashville

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Welles - Clair - Bresson - Godard - Hitchcock - Coppola - Altman - Tati - Lucas - Resnais - Cimino - Forman - Kaufman - Kubrick - Malick - Pakula - Russell - Scorsese - Skolimovski - Spielberg

Murch - Burtt - Thom


On sound and cinema:

Arsenic and old lace - Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Singin' in the rain - Silent movie - Lisbon Story - Blow out - Gerald McBoingBoing

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